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Acesulfame, you have a future

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  As a non-nutritive(meaning no nutrition)sweetener,Acesulfame K is used in foods and beverages in the general pH range,and its concentration is basically unchanged.It can be mixed with other sweeteners,especially when used in combination with aspartame and cyclamate.It can be widely used in various foods such as solid beverages,pickles,preserves,gums,and table sweeteners.This product has a strong sweetness,the sweetness is about 200 times that of sucrose(you can imagine how sweet it is),the taste is similar to saccharin,and it has a bitter taste at high concentration(too high concentration will make it bitter).

  According to my country's"National Food Safety Standard Food Additives Use Standard"(GB 2760-90),the usage amount is less than or equal to 0.3g/kg.It can be used as a sweetener in food and medicine.

  After seeing so many things,in one sentence,she is a chemical sweetener with no nutritional value.Without participating in the body's metabolism,let's see how far she is stable?

  Stability:Good stability,no decomposition after 10 years in bulk conditions at room temperature(10 years,you have to see this number),and the sweetness of the aqueous solution(pH=3.0-3.5,20°C)is not reduced for about two years.(It is placed in the water).Although it decomposes when placed at 40°C for several months,its stability is good during the heating process.Sterilization and pasteurization do not affect its taste.Anyway,it just won't break him easily.

  He was invented by the German Karl Klaus in 1967,so it has been for many years.Properties:Colorless or white,odorless,crystalline powder with strong sweet taste.

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