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Aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame potassium and other food additives, what exactly are they? is it safe?

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  People rely on food,and most of the processed foods and beverages sold today can see familiar and unfamiliar names like aspartame,sucralose,acesulfame potassium,etc.What exactly are they?

  What is the difference between and the natural sugar we know?

  Today,the editor will take everyone to pick up the past and present lives of sweeteners.

  The discovery of sweeteners

  Generally,we refer to substances that can impart sweetness to foods collectively as sweeteners.In my country,sugar sweeteners such as glucose and sucrose are not managed as food additives.

  01 Saccharin

  Since the discovery of a synthetic sweetener,saccharin,human beings have been on the road of searching for sweetness.

  According to legend,one day in 1879,in the laboratory of Hopkins University in the United States,Russian chemist Farid Beerg was doing an experiment on the synthesis of aromatic sulfonic acid compounds.He may have forgotten to wash his hands during dinner,and accidentally discovered that the steak is sweet and the tableware is also sweet,but no sugar was added to the dinner.

  Later,Farid Berger discovered that the sweetness came from a chemical substance called sodium sulfonamide.After several twists and turns,Farid Berger extracted a particularly sweet white crystal from coal tar,which he called"saccharin".Later,more sweeteners with similar characteristics of saccharin sodium appeared on the market.

  02 Abbastian

  Aspartame,a sweetener with a high market share,was produced by researchers from G.D.Searle in the United States when they inadvertently licked their fingers while synthesizing drugs to suppress gastric ulcers,and found that aspartame has a sweet taste.Aspartame is a synthetic dipeptide compound.Its sweetness is two hundred times that of sucrose.However,it will decompose and lose its sweetness due to high temperature,so aspartame is not suitable for cooking and hot drinks.

  03 Sucralose

  The discovery of sucralose originated from a very accidental mistake.

  In the 1970s,Taylor and Taylor collaborated with a scholar from Queen Elizabeth College in the United Kingdom to study the use of sucrose as an insecticide after molecular modification.The scholar asked his students to test this sample."Test"in English is test,and its pronunciation is similar to"taste".

  His Indian student was a little surprised when he heard the tutor's request,but didn't ask much,so he used his tongue to"taste"the sample.It turned out that this thing was a mess.This thing is sucralose,its sweetness is about 600 times that of sucrose.

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