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  Acesulfame-K has pure and quick taste similar to surcose,200-250 times sweeter than sucrose.It is non caloric sweetener,not participating metabolism of human body,approved for use in over 90 countries already.

  Product Feature:

  CAS No.:55589-62-3

  Mecting Point:225℃

  Molecular Weight:201.24

  Molecular Formula:C4H4NO4SK

  Molecular Structure

  Product Package:

  Fibre drums:320mm*400mm;Fibre drums:360mm*360mm*250mm,Net 25 Kg/10Kg product in double lined PE/PP bags,sealed with tie lock sequentially.The sealed bags are kept in brown fibre drums,and locked with tape.

  Product Application:

  Acesulfame is widely used in food,beverage,oral hygiene,cosmetics,pharmaceuticals and other fields.