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Trehalose is irreducibility disaccharide formed by two glucose molecules jointed with α,α-1, 1 keys. It is a kind of safe and reliable natural carbohydrate, is with outstanding performance for maintaining cell viability and biomacromolecule activity, and has an honor of “Life Sugar” In scientific community. The sweetness is only 45% of granulated sugar, the sweet taste is moderate. It can be used as a special food ingredient to prevent food spoilage, restrain the nutrient deterioration, maintain food fresh flavor and improve food quality; it is enormously expand the function of trehalose as natural edible sweetening agent. It is also the important components of cosmetic for maintaining cell viability and preserving moisture, and has achieved accreditation of American Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). 


Product Feature

CAS No: 6138-23-4  

Molecular formula: C12H22O11•2H2O  

Molecular weight: 378.33


Product Package

Package: 20Kg/bags


Product Application

Trehalose has wide application not only in food industry, but also in cosmetic. Adding it in cosmetic can effectively protect epidermal cells membrane structure, activate cells, maintain the original skin nutrition and moisture, avoid skin sunburn and melanin retaining, and also release the extraneous heat and effectively resist skin aging; it can gently moisten skin and make the skin smooth, bright, tender, healthy and naturally bouncy. As a new generation of super moisture complex, trehalose will become a hotspot in cosmetics market consumption.