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The application of natural sweeteners in sugar-free foods has become a major trend

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  The application of natural sweeteners in sugar-free foods has become a major trend

  Single taste,lack of top brand,how to have both delicious and healthy

  Data from the International Diabetes Federation shows that approximately 425 million adults worldwide suffer from diabetes.With the increase in health awareness,food"de-saccharification"has become a hot topic for consumers.Kantar Worldpanel shows that 69%of Chinese consumers surveyed said they are trying sugar-reducing products.The sales of sugar-free and low-sugar beverages increased by 13%in 2019,higher than the overall growth rate of 0.6%for beverages.

  Faced with increasing consumer demand,sugar-free food is about to usher in new development challenges.However,the reporter found during a market visit that,in addition to beverages,cold drinks,brewed drinks,and dairy products,the sugar-free food market lacks leading brands and has a relatively single taste,which has become a bottleneck restricting its development.

  Consumers expect good taste and big brands

  On June 3,the reporter visited a sugar-free food store on Ding’an Road,Fengtai,Beijing,and found that the variety of sugar-free food sold in the store was rich,covering related products such as biscuits,brewed drinks,snacks,and pastries.Obvious difference.The store also provides customers with free blood glucose testing services.Many middle-aged and elderly consumers test their blood glucose before choosing products.A customer asked a salesperson:“Why have many brands never heard of it,and I don’t know if the quality is good or not.”The salesperson in the store explained:“Sugar-free foods are different from general foods and are produced by professional manufacturers.Many food companies that customers are familiar with do not have sugar-free products.However,our store has complete licenses and the products are all made by regular manufacturers.You can buy with confidence."

  Later,the reporter visited the Puhuangyu Wumart Supermarket in Beijing and found that there are indeed fewer foods related to sugar-free,except for beverages,cold drinks,brewed drinks,and dairy products.The reporter asked the salesperson of a well-known brand of biscuits whether there are sugar-free products.The salesperson said:"Never."

  The reporter's survey found that on the one hand,sugar-free food lacks top brand products,and unfamiliar brands make consumers worry about it.On the other hand,the taste of sugar-free food also discourages many consumers.Consumer Ms.Wang told reporters:"My husband has diabetes,but he always eats sweets secretly.At first I always felt that he was irresponsible for his health,until one time I ate a piece of sugar-free beef tongue that I bought for him.The pie,the taste is not good,and I finally understand his difficulties."

  The reporter saw at the pastry counter of Daoxiang Village,Liujiayao Road,Beijing,that sugary pastries are still a favorite of consumers.A customer told reporters:"Eating snacks,no honey,no sugar,it is better not to eat."

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