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Contraindications for using ethyl maltol with spices

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  As a food additive,ethyl maltol has been used for quite a while.As for its safety,this is no longer a matter of questioning.As a food additive,it is naturally inevitable to share it with spices.In fact,it is no secret that it is used in conjunction with spices.For example,salt-baked chicken is an example of ethyl maltol and spices harmoniously dancing.Then when ethyl maltol and spices are used together,it is not a secret.For friends who have just met,what should I pay attention to?

  1.Before ethyl maltol is used in combination with spices,the choice of type is a necessary prerequisite.Generally speaking,ethyl maltol can be divided into two types,one is pure fragrance and the other is burnt fragrance.The pure flavor is mostly used for flavoring such as cans,drinks,and desserts.The burnt-flavored type is mostly used in meat ingredients.Comparing the two fragrance types,the burnt-flavored ethyl maltol is more suitable for use with fragrances.

  2.Ethyl maltol has a certain degree of destiny in matching spices.As far as commonly used spices are concerned,it is more suitable for citronella,pineapple,licorice,fennel,dill,coriander seed,and red komo.Such spices.

  3.When ethyl maltol and some spices are shared,some bad reactions are prone to occur.This kind of reaction tends to bring out a bitter effect on the taste.Among the commonly used spices,Angelica dahurica,woody,and Paixiang The above-mentioned counter-effects are more likely to occur in the grass,grass and fruit,so the dosage must be carefully considered.

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