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Application of ethyl maltol in meat products

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  Key words:Ethyl maltol meat products Function application Ethyl maltol has basically the same structure as maltol and belongs toγ-pyrone derivatives and has the same function.It can improve the taste of human tongue and nasal olfactory cells.The sensitivity of food aromas,so it is widely used in food flavoring and flavor blending.In addition,ethyl maltol can harmonize,improve and enhance the original flavor of food,and its function is better than maltol,so it is widely used as flavor modifier,flavor enhancer,aroma synthesizer and flavor fixer.Among various foods,it has become a recognized food additive that is safe,reliable,small in dosage and effective.This article discusses the properties,classification and functions of ethyl maltol,and hopes that its application in the meat processing industry will have a broader prospect.

  The pure fragrance is characterized by a soft fruity and milky fragrance.Adding to meat products can significantly improve the fruit flavor,inhibit bitterness,sourness,astringency,etc.,to obtain suitable fruit sweet and umami flavor,and at the same time,to obtain a better taste.It is more in meat products than corn,peanuts and other meat and vegetable combinations,and can be used with special alcohols.2.2 The scorch type is characterized by a clear top fragrance,a clear hair,and a strong caramel fragrance,which has a strong synergistic effect on the original sweet and savory flavor of various foods.Especially added to various meat products,such as:barbecue,sausage,barbecue and other products with smoked,grilled,charcoal-flavored flavors,it can interact with the amino acids in the meat and significantly improve the flavor of the meat.,Make the flavor more prominent.2.3 Special alcohol type This ethyl maltol has the advantages of high purity,high quality,high whiteness,and unique aroma.The characteristic flavor is more prominent,the burnt aroma is mellow,and the aftertaste is long after being heated and dissolved,and the fragrance is lasting.While maintaining the original characteristic aroma of meat products,it can greatly increase the aroma concentration of the product,and has the effects of inhibiting acid,inhibiting bitterness,removing fishy,and preserving.It is suitable for high-grade ham,salted ham,high-grade sausage and other meat products with outstanding meat texture.

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