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  Sucralose is a new generation of high intensity sweetener based on reaction wih Sucrose,with appearance of white crystals.It is anppoxitamely 600 times sweeter than Surose,with pure taste similar to Sucrose,approved for use in over 120 countries.

  Product Feature:

  CAS No.:56038-13-2

  Mecting Point:125℃

  Molecular Weight:397.64

  Molecular Formula:C12H19Cl3O8

  Molecular structure

  Product Package:

  In square drum with inner double layer PVC bags containing 10kgs or 25kgs net each

  Product Application:

  Sucralose is generally used with other natural or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame,acesulfame, beverages,chewing gum,dairy products,preserved fruit,syrup,bread,pastry,ice cream,jam,jelly,pudding,flavored milk,sauce and sauce products,vinegar,oyster sauce,soy sauce,mustard sauce,breakfast cereals,sweet milk powder,candy,fermented wine,jam products,hot processed fruits or dehydrated fruits,baked goods,fruit fillings,solid beverages,concentrated fruit and vegetable juice,salad dressings and other processed food.Meanwhile,it can also be used in healthcare food and medicine.

  In addition,it’s widely used in edible sweetener field in European and American countries.

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