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Pullulan is a kind of nature water-soluble polysaccharide. Its molecule is formed by maltotriose through the combining ofα-1,6-glucosidic link-ages, its average molecular weight is 2×105Da. Pullulan can be processed into many kinds of products. It is with good film-forming property, and the formed pullulan film is very stable; it is also with extremely good oxygen isolation performance, so that in medicine and food industry, it is widely used in capsule binder, thickening agent, adhesive, food package and others. In Japan, taking as a kind of dietary supplements, Pullulan has 20 years of application history and has passed the American GRAS certification.

产品特性Product Feature

It is non-toxic, safe, heat-resisting, salt-tolerant, acid and alkali resistant, with good viscosity and heat stability, strong plasticity; it can form film and has good gas isolation and strong moisture permeability. It is also with adhesiveness, adhesion, decomposability. It can improve physical property; maintain moisture, forming property, spinning property and others.

Product Package

Specification: 10kg/box, 20 kg/ box.

meet the international standard.

产品应用Product Application

In the nature, Pullulan can be degraded and used by microorganism and doesn’t cause environmental pollution, so that it honored as pollution-free plasitic. It has widely application in cosmetic, medicine, food, chemical industry, environmental protection, and pesticides.

In food industry, it is usually used as preservative, forming agent, quality improver, emulsifier, thickening agent, etc.

In pharmaceuticals industry, it may be used for producing capsule, tablet, non-crystalline medicine, haemostatic, plasma volume expander, X-ray perspective contrast media; toxoid and vaccine protective agent; wound suture line; artificial organs and blood anticoagulant medical materials, etc. Compared with other capsule, pullulan capsule is with obvious advantages: 

① The oxygen permeability of pullulan capsule is nearly 1/8 of gelatin capsule, 1/300 of HPMC capsule, so that it can effectively protect the contents from oxidation and prolong storage period; ② Its transparency corresponds to animal capsule, so that the filled contents are clearly visible; ③ It doesn’t contain animal protein and fat, so that it is hard to breed microorganism and with stable quality; ④ it doesn’t contain animal ingredients, and is free of worries for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, foot-and-mouth disease and other zoonoses; ⑤ It is made by nature vegetal materials so that it is with no limit in religion or vegetarian diet. 

In cosmetics industry, it can be used for producing incense powder, shampoo, astringent, face mask, skin protective agent, hairspray and others.

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